Bea's Day with the Dinosaurs and a Dinosaur Egg

Last week,  the whole family went to the Telus World of Science Edmonton  (TWOSE)  to visit the Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit.  Read about our adventure here..

Digging for Fossils 
Bea had a grand time in the giant sand box where kids can jump right in and use brushes to look for fossils.

Move it,  move it! 
When I asked her which part she liked best about the whole exhibit, she said she loved the part wherd she got to manipulate a Stegasaurus into moving its body parts like the tail,  the neck,  even the tummy!

The gift shop is strategically located near the exit.  We wanted to buy a ref magnet,  but they only had the 3D ones which we didn't like. Bea opted to get a dinosaur egg that "grows"  in water.  It is called Growing Pet Hatch 'Em.

It is a huge egg that you are supposed to submerge in water.  Then after 12-24 hours the egg will hatch.  The photo on top shows the  egg more than 12 hours under water.

Bea was so excited.  She kept on checking on her egg. It actually took more than 24 hours before the dinosaur finally emerged.

Here she is!  Bea named her Orangey for obvious reasons.  Isn't she cute? 

Bea's 9th Birthday

Last January,  our princess celebrated her ninth birthday.  It was the  first first time we celebrated Bea's birthday far away from her aunt and her grandfather.  I tried to make it special for her.  I tried setting up a simple celebration the Sunday before her actual birthday.  Too bad though,  her cousins had previous engagements so that plan didn't materialize.

We did the next best thing though,  we made an early morning surprise "party"  for her!

I asked her dad to pick up a simple  red velvet cake at Sobey's and he  immediately hid it in the fridge.  Bea had no clue it was even there. 

The next morning,  as Bea was eating her breakfast,  her dad walked in carrying the cake with all  nine candles lit.  We were singing "Happy Birthday"  as he brought the cake to the table.  It was very clear that Bea was overwhelmed!  The surprise was a success!

I also bought some cupcakes for her to bring to school and daycare.  I had to ask permission prior to this day (secret from Bea of course).  Both the school and the daycare require only store-bought pastries,  so that they're sure that the  cupcakes are peanut-free.  That is one thing we found out about kids born here in Canada,  they are prone to allergies,  especially peanuts.

After school,  we had a simple dinner where we sang to our princess again.  We also had KFC,  Bea's favourite fried chicken,  and spaghetti.  

Time is flying so fast!  Bea is now 9 years old,  in a few years she would be a teenager,  scary!  Haha. From the horror stories I hear about having a teenager in the house,  I'm really dreading that time.  Any tips? 

Cold and Cough Medicine for Children

Bea is feeling under the  weather.  It must be the ever-changing weather here in Edmonton,  Alberta.  One day it is warm,  full of sunshine,  the next day it's snowing!  

The other day,  Bea came home with the sniffles.  I just let her drink lots of fluids hoping she can fight off the virus naturally.  After a few days,  her cold is still there plus cough.  Argh.  She also is complaining of a headache.  We had to go to the drug store to purchase a cold and cough medicine.  That's what we miss from the  Philippines,  the usual medicines we are used to.  Since moving here in Canada,  we had no choice but to look for alternatives and adapt.  So we went to Shopper's Drug Mart and browsed through the many choices of medicines in the cough/cold/fever aisle.  Finally,  we decided to get Tylenol Complete for Children.  The bottle said it can relieve stuffy nose, aches and pains,  fever, sore throat pain, dry cough, runny nose and sneezing.  Plus,  it has a bubble gum flavour.  

For Bea's age,  (6 to under 13 years old)  dosage is 10 ml every 4 to 6 hours. But be careful not to give more than 4 doses in a day.  

Hopefully this medication,  plus lots of fluids,  will help my Bea be back to her healthy,  happy self in no time.  

Working on a School Project with Daddy

A few months ago,  Bea came home with a homework to come up with a project showcasing stable shapes,  like cylinders.  Bea decided to make a sheep.  Realizing that this is an arts and crafts project,  and a science project at the same time,  I implored the hubby to take charge.  Between the two of us,  he is the artistic one.  He reluctantly agreed.

Bea and her daddy eagerly started planning for the project.  They decided to use their favourite 3D cartoon show,  Shaun the Sheep as peg.

Bea's Shaun the Sheep

The end product was truly adorable!

Materials used:

Toilet paper rolls
Egg crate
Black Sharpie
Black Spray Paint 

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:

Looking back though, I think it was a pretty bad idea to give the sheep long legs, because apparently Shaun wasn't that stable. When hubby and I visited the school for Bea's demo of learning, Shaun already lost a leg. They made sheep too tall to stay true to Shaun the Sheep's appearance.

A Mother's Day Gift

Yesterday,  my daughter came home really excited.  She asked me to close my eyes because she had a surprise for me.  I happily obliged.  When I opened my eyes,  I saw this beautiful sight in front of me:

My mother's day surprise 
Apparently,  her teacher from school helped the class make a simple but meaningful gift for moms. She happily explained to me that she even chose my favourite color of wrapping paper and ribbon.  Isn't that sweet? I eagerly unwrapped my present.

My Perfect Gift 
I was so pleased when I saw my gift! It was a purple handmade photo frame containing my Bea's beautiful beaming photo.  I loved it! She even decorated the photo frame on her own! The gift also came  with a sweet note.

Mother's Day is on Sunday.  We will be celebrating it for the first time here in Canada.  Although I am happy for my husband that he gets to be with his mom after years,  I am a bit sad that I won't be able to visit my own mom in the memorial  park in the Philippines. That's ok,  I can always whisper a prayer for her in heaven.  :)

We have no solid plans yet how we'll celebrate Mother's Day
tomorrow.  The important thing is that we'll spend the day together as a family.  How are you spending mother's day? 

Fridate at Ikea, Edmonton

Last Friday,  I got home first as usual.  I rested a bit while  waiting for the  hubby and Bea.  Hubby is in charge of fetching  Bea from daycare.  This week was a particularly busy one for all three of us.  I had Math finals plus our class hosted the welcome lunch for the new batch.  Hubby experienced several "difficult"  customers.  Bea was student of the week,  which meant she helped teacher with miscellaneous tasks and presented the week's show and tell.  

While I was still in school I texted hubby,  "Let's go out tonight."  "OK!"  was his eager reply.  

When we were still in the Philippines,  we went out often.  Here in Edmonton,  we don't go out as much mainly because malls close early!  Hehe.  Plus,  we're trying to watch our budget too.  Anyway Ikea is always a good option because they close at 9:00 pm,  they have affordable yet delicious food,  and they have really house goodies at very reasonable prices!  

It was definitely a fun Friday date for our family.  We had dinner,  Bea played in the play area for a bit then we went and bought a few items for the kitchen.  :) 

Spring Concert 2015

Spring has finally come in Edmonton, Alberta. Last Tuesday, we attended Bea's very first Spring Concert in her school. It was held in their gym. Only 2 tickets were given per family. The school didn't sell additional tickets. Extended family were invited to the dress rehearsals instead. I found this very effective since the audience for the performances was just a small group, easier to manage too. 

Bea performed with her cousins, who attended the same school. Her grandmother was also able to come and watch. There were 3 kids in my brother-in-law's family so I guess they were given a couple more tickets. 

The evening was fun. Berto and I watched Bea with our full stage parents battle gear. Berto had his DSLR and various lenses while I had my trusty digital camera.

The girls performed without a hitch. I felt so proud watching my Bea perform. I was also happy to note that she is now a few inches taller than her cousins, which is good since she is older than they are.

I loved how organized the school was. After the performances, parents were given some time to take pictures. Then, kids were ushered back into their respective classrooms where parents are supposed to collect them, for security purposes. Smart move.

Right after, we took the opportunity to take a few shots with the whole family outside the school. My mother-in-law then invited everybody for dinner. I begged off though, since I still had a ton of homework to do, but Bea and her dad went. Maybe I can join them next time. Fun night spent with family, priceless.

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